Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

he likes me but won't ask me outMen have told us what the number one thing that keeps them from asking out a girl that they like.  Want to know what that is?  Keep reading.

We have the answer you’ve been seeking.  And, the good news is that the solution is something any woman can do. 


Number One Thing He Needs You to Do So He Will Ask You Out

It is painful when you know a guy likes you and won’t ask you out.  It can feel like there is never going to be another guy for you.

Here’s a story from a woman in  your shoes before she had the formula we’re going to share with you below.

“We worked together.  At first I wasn’t attracted to him, but as I got to know him he grew on me.

He was so tall and strong and successful that he became sexier by the minute.

He always showed up when I visited his offices.  It’s like he knew I was in the building and would make a special appearance just to see me.  We were so connected that if he walked in the room and I had my back turned, I would know he was there.

I did whatever I could to be around him.  I started learning everything I could about him and becoming friends with the people in his life.  This led to me fantasizing about my future with him.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and trying to figure out how to get him to make a move.

Why won’t he ask me out?

People around us noticed and started to comment on what a cute couple we would make and how he obviously liked me.

After a few years of flirtations and hope, I had to give up my dream of a future with Mr. Perfect.  He would just never ask me out or make a move. “

Ladies, do not go another minute without the secret to getting him to ask you out if he likes you.

We talked to many men of all ages to get this solution for you.

The number one answer to your question “I know he likes me…so why won’t he ask me out?” is that he is not getting clear signals that you are open to his taking your relationship from friends or acquaintances to something more.

Men don’t want to be rejected.

If you want a man to ask you out, send clear signals that he won’t be rejected.


Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?  How to Send Clear Signals That He Won’t Be Rejected:


1.  Speak Up – He wants to know you like him and not just what you were doing together.  You can say something like…”Hanging out with you is fun.  You always make me laugh!”


2.  Initiate Contact –   This does not mean ask him out.  Instead of just waiting for him to contact you all the time you can send a text message or email saying “hey what’s up” and you can also say something like…”Can’t wait to see you again.”  Almost every guy we talked to brought this up.


3.  Show Him You Get Him  Listen to him.  Don’t take cell phone calls or text your friends when you’re with him.  Pause 30 seconds each time he stops talking to see if he wants to say more.    Listen to what is important to him and let him know you appreciate that about him.  You can say something like…”It’s so great spending time with you.  I appreciate that you are smart, funny and such a good guy!”


4.  Get Your Sexy OnSmile, Make Eye Contact & Touch Him.  Be relaxed and flash those pearly whites when you’re with him.  When you speak with him, don’t look away.  Hold your gaze a little longer than feels comfortable.  Reach out and put your hand on his arm when you talk to him.   Men love when women use these signals to green light you are interested in more.


5.  Be Bold – if you want to get an answer quickly you can make a bold statement to get straight to the point.  Some of our guys loved this idea.    You can say something like…”If you ever thought about asking me out, I would say yes.”    If he says he just wants to be friends you can easily recover by saying something like…”That’s cool, I was just checking.  Now don’t get all weird on me.  We don’t want to mess up being friends just because I thought about you that way for a minute.”


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2 Responses to Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?

  1. Mark says:

    I agree with everything that was expressed in this article however, I do believe that women know when a man is interested. Men won’t gaze at a woman hes not interested in. We do a lot of gazing. If you are already hanging out together then the one through five steps in this article are the best ways to let us know. Many of us don’t want a guessing game. Be very clear about your interests one way or the other. Also, do us a favor if you just want to be friends. Don’t agree to go somewhere or do something with us without saying that it’s strictly friendship and be clear that you are not interested in dating. We know you are interested in dating but with clear signals we will at least know you aren’t interested in dating us. With that said, we can chose to move on to someone who may have an interest and still remain friends without wonder of whether it would ever go anywhere.

  2. Zach says:

    Am glad this article covered something as vital as this. As much as they love to grumble about how many guys out there dont have balls, they should also adopt these amazing ideas and be accommodating to someone who has swallowed his ego for courage to break the ice and make a conversation!

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