Have you ever noticed that Men & Women are different?

We’re Claudette and Shelley and we’re smiling because we’ve discovered the secrets to bridging the gap in these differences between men and women in all of their relationships. Keep reading to find out how these secrets can empower you to get, have and keep the relationship you deserve!

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Results We Show You How to Get:

  • Meet great matches who want to date you.
  • Have first dates that lead to second dates and more.
  • Get a relationship that unfolds and grows at the right pace and doesn’t fizzle out.
  • Begin to re-ignite the flame in your relationship that used to be great.

Want a Special Someone in your life but…

  • Stuck on getting first dates only?
  • Not sure how to get started?
  • Tired, exhausted and just plain jaded about dating in the first place?
  • Do you think dating is a waste of time?
  • Attracting the wrong type of person?
  • Think you need to lose 20 pounds to find someone?
  • Think you need a better job to find someone?
  • Tired of riding the roller coaster of love going up only to crash down after a few weeks?
  • He or she just did not understand me!

In a Relationship but…

  • We don’t know each other anymore?
  • Sex, what’s that, we never have it or it’s all they want from me?
  • I can’t make my partner happy?
  • I’ve given up on getting what I need?
  • Drama, drama, drama?
  • My partner is too controlling?
  • Are we headed for a breakup?
  • Given up hope that men and women can make relationships last?

After our own painful and frustrating experiences getting it half right or half wrong we learned how to close the gap between men and women in dating and relationships with simple, easy-to-use, gender-based solutions.

We’re compelled to share online relationship advice about what we discovered!

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Let’s get to the point: there is this big elephant in the room.

Now, before we discuss this elephant, let’s agree that we won’t be offended; we will just be informed.  There is a lot of online relationship advice out there, but most of it does not address the differences between the sexes.  We call this the gap between men and women and we want to bridge this gap today.  It can be hard to hear how the other sex views things, but understanding is the first step to creating great experiences with the opposite sex.

We asked men and women what they thought about each other and what challenges they have experienced in dating and relationships.

It is not pretty.

Check this out to see if it sounds familiar to you.

What are men saying about women?

  • She is needy
  • She is flaky
  • She does not know what she wants
  • She is a drama queen
  • She might be crazy
  • She talks too much
  • She uses me for my money
  • Too serious, too fast!
  • She just wants me to marry her and give her babies
  • She withholds sex to punish

What are women saying about men?

  • He just wants sex
  • He lacks confidence
  • He is selfish
  • He is controlling
  • He won’t talk to me
  • He just disappears
  • He flirts, but won’t ask me out
  • He won’t commit
  • He won’t do anything I ask him to

Most of the issues on these lists stem from misunderstandings.  Some of these issues are because of disrespect, rooted in misunderstandings.

Men - We can show you how to sort out if a woman really is a drama queen or if she just needs something that men don’t instinctually understand.  She could actually be the authentic, laid-back, fun girl you met in the beginning when you were so attracted to her.  It’s easy to get her to reveal her true self to you with the right tools!

Women - We can show you how to sort out if a man is really selfish and just wants sex or if he just needs assurance he won’t be stuck in another loveless relationship where sex was used to manipulate or punish him.   It is easy to sort once you understand the conversation and the language that men respond and relate to!

Now we’ve got the elephant out in the open, what next?

It’s no one’s fault that we find ourselves in this predicament.  It can be better and you can get what you need.

Men you can find yourself in a relationship where you have a regular source of juicy sex and affection that fuels you as a man.  It’s with a woman who has your back and loves to laugh with you.  She is your best friend and lover.

Women you can find yourself in a relationship where you have a regular source of connection and intimacy that fuels you as a woman.  It’s with a man who is your rock and always makes you feel safe to express your feelings.  He is your best friend and lover.

Right now thousands of rock solid men and women are dropping out of the dating pool and being passed up because of these misunderstandings.

Don’t be one of them!

Unlock the secrets, get what you want:

  • You and your best friend/lover are curled up on the couch watching a movie.
  • You’re with someone who honors you and has your back.
  • Laughter is a daily activity.
  • You are planning that dream vacation and adventure together.
  • You are both satisfied with the sex and connection in your relationship.


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  • Used to sing in bands.  Now she sings whenever she feels like it and hopes you won’t be annoyed.
  • Was once clocked going 122 mph while racing another car.  Oops….got in trouble for that.
  • Can’t stop saying: “It’s all good.”
  • Defender of the underdog!
  • Married 20+ years and worth celebrating!  After unlocking the secrets, they now have each other’s backs.
  • Southern Belle Entrepreneur.
  • Loves to solve problems and make things happen.
  • Used to hang out in the VIP sections of the top clubs in NYC.
  • Experienced her first kiss at 6 years old.  Was so shocked she hit him over the head.
  • Loves performing marriages and helping couples write their vows.
  • Favorite movies are Matrix, Letters to Juliet, Inception and Forest Gump.


  • Shelley 200 by 247 darkened up to match claudette moreWas once walked home by the Secret Service after a late night on Bourbon Street to make her mom happy.
  • Developed organic cotton supply chains in South America.
  • Use to live next door to the President of Indonesia. They never met, but she was buddies with his security team.
  • Loves the word love…can’t get enough of it.
  • Reformed serial dater and international party girl.
  • Taxi drivers in Lima, Peru think she knows some sketchy neighborhoods better than they do.  The fashion business was not always so glamorous.
  • Of the 5 times she’s been Maid of Honor, 3 were during a 15 month period while traveling for her business 50%.
  • Bakes an amazing peach pie…well any kind of pie.
  • You’ll find her in the woods for a hike on most days.
  • Was once featured in an NBC sports special about women in triathlons.  It was her first.
  • Favorite movies are Contact, Traffic, It’s a Wonderful Life and Warm Bodies