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Claudette and Shelley About pageOur goal is to show you how the differences between men and women may be standing in your way from winning more clients, bringing your value to the world and building your teams. We also empower you to handle any situation that you may encounter with power, grace and solutions that work.

We focus on quick, easy to use formulas that give you instant results. The cool thing about this is that once you know what these differences are, every area of your life is better. You can use these formulas in your business and personal lives.

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We’re two entrepreneurs that understand the hustle needed to build a successful business from the ground up. Throughout the years, we began to see that conversations often ended with a high level of confusion or misunderstanding between men and women. Many times this misunderstanding could be avoided and both parties could have won at what they want to do.

The first question we are asked is “how tall are we?” The second question is “how did you guys learn this?” We know how to take the obvious that everyone is overlooking and put it into formulas that provide a good dose of problem solving magic. “No regrets” is our motto! We don’t judge anyone or any situation until we have used the formulas that we want to share with you to make the best out of every situation!   

Don’t want to leave you in the dark on the two questions that we are always asked: Claudette is almost 5’10″ and Shelley is 6′. How did we learn the secrets to bridge the gap in communication between men and women? We spent years researching and breaking down scenarios to see how they could have been different. We then tested ideas for solutions until we found ones that succeeded. We have asked a ton of questions to both men and women and have been mentored by some of the leading gender researchers in the world. We only do what works.

Let’s face it! We have to speak to men and women every day. Might as well become masters in communication using our gender based solutions!

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When you understand where the opposite sex is coming from, you can communicate in a way that is more effective and productive.

  • For business, you can reach an agreement for a project where everyone on the team maintains their power and creativity with an atmosphere of mutual respect.  What does this do?  Increase productivity, client reach and the ability to build the team you desire.
  • We can shift this just a little and show someone how to create an agreement with a family member that they have had a difficult time with.
  • Or encourage someone to get back out there and date to win.
  • We can apply these same principals to empower young adults to solidify their identities, increase understanding and become empowered during the tumultuous teen years.

Bonus: Relationships can be healed when there is understanding.

We offer training and courses in gender based solutions for business or personal use for all ages. Our training empowers individuals and corporations to become more and take their goals or dreams to the next level. If an employee completes training, they will be able to take the skills learned into all areas of their life helping them to become and stay empowered.

What Do We Stand For?

We believe that every person is capable of stepping into a place of personal power that enables them to communicate more effectively, handle conflict and resolve it with creative agreements, living and operating at a higher level of effectiveness and skill. People produce at higher levels when they are happy. People become happier when they are empowered and shown how to win. It’s now our passion to empower as many men and women of all ages as we can with the tools to get what they want and have what they need in all of their relationships.

Our Principals:

It is all about respect, trust and accountability. We support integrity, teamwork and empowerment with a culture of understanding!

Claudette and Shelley About Page

What do We Bring to the Table?

Claudette successfully created a real estate company that uses these gender based solutions to communicate in a way that results in them working with 9 out of 10 clients that they speak too. Any given day, they have to attract and convert potential clients to show them the value that her company and team bring to the table. Men, women and couples make up the dynamic of who they work with using these gender based formulas.

Each formula has been tested for success and is used daily in her business and by her team. Claudette has taught her agents to master negotiations, become experts in prospect conversion and successfully communicate to all clients regardless of gender.

Shelley developed a successful international fashion business that created jobs for thousands of people. She had to master communication with men and women to bridge the gender, cultural and language gaps to get the job done. The fashion industry, like so many of your businesses, is a supply chain made up of very feminine and masculine styles of working to get things done.

If you don’t recognize how to communicate with people and the gender mode that they operating in, you could lose business. Example: women can operate in feminine or masculine mode which is sometimes confusing to men. Shelley had to master communication across masculine and feminine modes to create cooperation and teamwork that resulted in creating thousands of jobs, millions of dollars of business, happy customers and innovation in the supply chain.

Giving Back:

Along the way we saved businesses, marriages (including Claudette’s), empowered young adults who were losing hope due to bullying, peer pressure or low self esteem. We have set men and women up to win in dating from their teens through their sixties. We have mentored business professionals on how to be more successful and guided countless men and women to heal important relationships in their lives.

Results We Show You How to Get:

Business Relationships:

  • Increase productivity and cooperation
  • Improve Negotiations
  • Increase sales or get that promotion through a better understanding of what the opposite sex needs in a Business relationship
  • Master conflict management
  • Position yourself for more money!

Ongoing Relationships:

  • Begin to re-ignite the flame in your relationship that used to be great.
  • Start to fix a relationship with your spouse or partner with better communication
  • Improve your connection with spouses, friends and family
  • Improve family relationships, even the difficult ones!
  • Communicate more effectively with the opposite sex to solve conflict
  • Stop the drama, even with teenagers!


  • Meet great matches who want to date you.
  • Have first dates that lead to second dates and more.
  • Get a relationship that unfolds and grows at the right pace and doesn’t fizzle out.
  • Find the love you want

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Some fun little facts about Claudette and Shelley!


Claudette Headshot 200 by 247

  • Used to sing in bands. Now she sings whenever she feels like it and hopes you won’t be annoyed.
  • Was once clocked going 122 mph while racing another car. Oops….got in trouble for that.
  • Can’t stop saying: “It’s all good.”
  • Defender of the underdog!
  • Married 20+ years and worth celebrating! After unlocking these gender based secrets, they now have each other’s backs.
  • Southern Belle Entrepreneur.
  • Loves to solve problems and make things happen.
  • Used to hang out in the VIP sections of the top clubs in NYC.
  • Experienced her first kiss at 6 years old. Was so shocked she hit him over the head.
  • Loves performing marriages and helping couples write their vows.
  • Favorite movies are Matrix, Letters to Juliet, Inception and Forest Gump.


  • Shelley 200 by 247 darkened up to match claudette moreWas once walked home by the Secret Service after a late night on Bourbon Street to make her mom happy.
  • Developed organic cotton supply chains in South America.
  • Use to live next door to the President of Indonesia. They never met, but she was buddies with his security team.
  • Loves the word love…can’t get enough of it.
  • Reformed serial dater and international jet set girl.
  • Taxi drivers in Lima, Peru think she knows some sketchy neighborhoods better than they do. The fashion business was not always so glamorous.
  • Of the 5 times she’s been Maid of Honor, 3 were during a 15 month period while traveling for her business 50%.
  • Bakes an amazing peach pie…well any kind of pie.
  • You’ll find her in the woods for a hike on most days.
  • Was once featured in an NBC sports special about women in triathlons. It was her first.
  • Favorite movies are Contact, Traffic, It’s a Wonderful Life and Warm Bodies.

Don’t just assume it is the other person that is the problem. It could be the gap in communication between men and women that is your real enemy.  Let’s bridge this gap and make things happen!