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Be Irresistible to Men?

Fotolia_54578011_Subscription_Monthly_M 350 by 300Attention ladies!  What if we could share with you some simple tips that would cause you to be irresistible to men?  Are you tired of being disappointed by the men in your life or by not being asked out after meeting someone that you are interested in?  We will share with you a simple special secret that causes you to be irresistible that is super easy and even seems obvious once you know it.Continue Reading

How to Show Appreciation

How to Show AppreciationLearning how to show appreciation and be great at providing it is a skill worth perfecting.  It’s important to the health and well being of all relationships.  Not everyone likes to be appreciated the same way.  If the goal of appreciating someone is to make sure that they know you value them or what they provided for you; it’s a good idea to make sure you’re speaking their appreciation language.  Here’s a formula for how to show appreciation in a way that is well received.Continue Reading

Differences Between Men and Women: Operating Systems That Don’t Sync Up

differences between men and womenDo the differences between men and women feel like they are speaking a different language? It’s a little like trying to share documents between a Mac and a PC. They don’t speak the same language. What if men and women have different operating systems just like a Mac or a PC?Continue Reading