An Awkward Moment

An Awkward MomentAn awkward moment can derail you or you can turn it into a chance to build a relationship. We’ve got a plan for you so that the next time you find yourself burping out of no where on a date or farting in a business meeting you’ll know exactly how to turn it into a relationship building tool. Did you just laugh out loud while reading this in public? Fantastic! Now you have an opportunity to put this into action right now.Continue Reading

Shy and Introverted?

Claudette & Shelley Shy and Introverted Video ImageWhat do you do when you’re shy and introverted? We get this question a lot and share some insights on what it’s like to be introverted and how to overcome shyness in this week’s video. This tip is as easy as apple pie as they say (those that never bake apple pies that is!)Continue Reading

Men and Women Just Don’t See the Same Things

claudette and shelley men and women see differentlyMen and women don’t see the same. It’s not a choice and it’s not meant to drive each other crazy. Like so many of the misunderstandings between men and women that we talk about, it’s rooted in biological differences in how men and women are wired. In this week’s video and blog post we answer one of your questions “My husband claims he doesn’t notice piles of laundry or shoes and socks left all over the house. How can he be so blind? He’s so inconsiderate!”Continue Reading